How it all begins…

PLMP Fintech was founded in 2017 by info-comm visionaries Nicholas Lim, Peter Lim and Kym Kee as a financial technology startup embarking on the rising trend of Blockchain Technology and its multiple applications.

The founders and their core team of advisors are accomplished key executives in diverse industries who have the expertise and dedication to provide consultancy services to a wide range of international clients on Blockchain Solutions.

With an initial capital of $3 million from private investors and a constant flow of new funds, PLMP Fintech has established the first Blockchain Technology Centre in Singapore as a complete ecosystem that includes consultancy, OTC services and the biggest development and training hub in the region.

Our Mission

PLMP Fintech was founded in 2017 with one clear mission as a financial technology start-up embarking on the rising trend of ICOs, Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency Tokenomics and Cryptocurrency Mining. Our Mission is to chance the landscape and solve the problems faced by small businesses; more than half of which fail within the first 3 years with the biggest reason being a lack of capital.

Our Vision

PLMP is Committed to bring the best ICO experience and results to the company and it’s investors through innovative financial technology and services.