Creatanium Distributorship Program
The world's first decentralised Distributorship Program powered by blockchain to make Asia the new powerhouse of the digital economy.
PLMP Fintech’s mission is to empower SMEs with the latest technologies and education as the starting point of this revolution. As the internet did decades ago, the widespread adoption of blockchain will only happen once this platform has been adopted by the masses. Our company’s goal is to bridge this gap.
Our Distributorship Program will be headed by 26 key managers for each country where PLMP Fintech has established its presence. This core staff will build up an ever-growing team of agents that will operate under a yearly renewable license to promote our educational services and bring awareness on the multiple applications of blockchain across the industries.
PLMP Fintech is dedicated to build up the best performing team to meet the ambitious target of making more than 5 million people across Asia blockchain-savvy by 2019. Each application to become an approved Distributor will be assessed to ensure that it meets the requirements set by the Program. A license will be issued for the duration of one year and renewed after performance evaluation.
Every staff member of the Distributorship Program will be a component of a dedicated blockchain. The structure will be coded on the platform to guarantee a seamless settlement of the payrolls and accountability in workload and performance tracking.