“Education is the key to success”
Stephanie Goh, Chief Academy Officer

Innovative SMEs are those that identify the potential of new technologies and integrate them into their business model to bring it to the next level.

However, learning about blockchain can be challenging. Some programmes only enrol students who have a strong technical background, some others are targeting a generic audience of amateurs.

PLMP Education has the solution for you.
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Hands-on Classes
Blockchain explained directly from its applications across the industries.
Is your company dealing with international shipping?
Are you looking for a way to streamline your supply chain?

We will show you step-by-step how other companies have successfully blockchain-ed their business.

An Immersive environment
Blockchain explained directly from its applications across the industries.

Our education centre is a knowledge hub with learning spaces that can cater for private sessions, big groups, seminars or conferences.

Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies with the aim to become 100% paperless by 2019.
Our library with tables and sofas is an open concept for visitors and students to relax and learn at their own pace from books and digital publications.
An Ecosystem to learn from

Learning at PLMP Fintech gives access to a whole ecosystem of services and solutions all within Singapore's biggest Blockchain Technology Centre.

Just step out of your classroom to watch developers code blockchain smart contracts or our marketing team discuss on the next fintech product to revolutionise the market.

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