Marketing & Communications

We CREATE BRANDS that are significantly meaningful,
impactful, and viable in the Digital Age.

How we can help

Our Marcom team handles your marketing initiatives at EVERY STAGE with the trust of assuring Brand visibility through:

  • Developing your corporate identity
  • Pre-launch campaigns and post-launch coverage
  • Project conceptualisation and copywriting
  • Media outreach
  • Public education events


Marketing Strategy



Our Core Marketing Services

Market research is the essential first step to ensuring long-term brand success.

Whether you are a small local business or multinational corporation, understanding your competition and target audience is crucial to dominating the market.

At PLMP Fintech, we are committed to provide insightful information about your market, product, audience, competitors and more.


Digital Marketing

Digital Strategy

We’ll work with you to develop a best-in-class digital growth strategy for your marketing campaign.

Messaging + Copywriting

We’ll work with you to ensure your message is easy to understand and connect with.

Community Marketing

We’ll help you get featured in targeted blockchain publications.

Community Management

We’ll help you manage your social media community on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Slack, Medium etc.

Email Marketing (EDM)

We’ll develop email sequences, launch strategies and broadcast messages.

Social Media Advertising

We’ll tap on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn etc. to increase your project’s visibility.

Digital Advertising

Your project will be advertised on forums and networks, as well as on Google and Bing.

Analytics + Data

We’ll build out analytics dashboards and analyze the data so we can maximize performance of all activities.


Media Collaborations

Media Partnerships with the PRESS and Credible Publications


Events &
  • Networking sessions

  • Seminars / Training

  • Media Events

  • Product launch