The first foreign company to be invited into the SHANGHAI BLOCKCHAIN VALLEY.

INTERNATIONAL BLOCKCHAIN PAVILION with 20,000 square feet of exhibition space.

Privileged exposure to the world’s BIGGEST MARKET.


Well ahead of the rest of the world in trending sectors such as cashless payments or artificial intelligence, it comes without saying that a giant like China would be at the forefront in pioneering into the still largely unexplored potential of blockchain.

Statistics show a booming six-fold growth in the number of companies that have adopted this technology between 2017 and 2018 as the government is actively promoting blockchain education for its key cadres. First-tier cities are flexing their muscles in a rush to create state-of-the-art incubating spaces for entrepreneurs to develop new breakthroughs.


While Hangzhou has rapidly made a name as China’s lighthouse for blockchain education and a nurturing centre for developers, global hub Shanghai has recently inaugurated a “tech city” that will be the matching point between start-ups, investors and entrepreneurs in this space.

In recognition of its achievements in actively support SMEs through technology, PLMP Fintech had the honour of being the first foreign company to be officially invited to set up its presence in the Shanghai Blockchain Valley.



Loyal to its mission to empower SMEs, PLMP Fintech has crafted an open space for global entrepreneurs to showcase their business model and how blockchain has impacted their operations with improved speed, efficiency and accountability.

PLMP Fintech’s International Pavillon has been conceptualised as a permanent exposition that technologists and interested parties are free to explore at their own pace. Banners, brochures, video loops and other collaterals will be available together with our staff on the spot to inform and promote on each of our partners’ business.

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