“Education is a ladder of opportunity and also an investment for the future. We want to make our technology hub accessible for everyone to reap the benefits of blockchain.”
Stephanie Goh, Chief Academy Officer

About PLMP Blockchain Academy

Blockchain technology has been the trending topic in recent years & with the technology being adopted at a rate faster than anticipated across all industries, blockchain is the future that will change how businesses work and how we will live our daily lives. That’s why at our Academy, we believe that is a must to educate everyone on the basic concepts of Blockchain.

Having the best trainers who have spent many years in the financial and tech sector. PLMP Blockchain courses explores topics from the basics of blockchain, applications of blockchain to scale businesses, Digital tokens, investments, trading courses and many more. PLMP BLOCKCHAIN ACADEMY aspires to empower YOU with the knowledge of blockchain to shape a better future.



Our Trainers

Sam Wong
Chief Technological Officer
PLMP Fintech Pte Ltd
Karan Bharadwaj
Chief Executive Officer
PLMP Blockchain Pte Ltd
Dr. Woo Kang Wei
Chairman, IoT Security for Smart Nation Working Group
ITSC, Singapore

THE Academy

Room Bitcore
Our education centre is a knowledge hub with learning spaces that can cater for private sessions, big groups, seminars or conferences.
Room Tangle
Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies with the aim to become 100% paperless by 2019.
Our library with tables and sofas is an open concept for visitors and students to relax and learn at their own pace from books and digital publications.

Our Events

Blockchain 101: An Intro to Blockchain & Digital Tokens by Sam Wong
27 December 2018 | 10 January 2019

Upcoming Events