Blockchain Empowerment
Program (BEEP)

Support SMEs (small and medium entreprises) in their path to blockchain adoption.
Blockchain is abruptly becoming the new technological revolution of the 21st Century and a must-have for companies that want to make their business and process flows seamless. If this adoption is relatively easy for multinationals, small and medium enterprises might miss out on this opportunity because of the high initial investment required.
In line with its mission to build up an entire ecosystem to support SMEs and fuel up their growth, PLMP Fintech has conceptualised the BEEP Program: a technological “scholarship” that will grant access to our educational and development facilities to those companies with the potential of revolutionising their industry.
PLMP Fintech is serious about making blockchain the new gold standard for the digital economy of the 21st Century. This is why only the very best projects eventually pass the stringent requirements set. Every application received to the BEEP program is scrutinised by a dedicated team that will study its past records and future plans to assess potential and feasibility.
Once accepted in the program, the companies will be part of our incubating ecosystem with access to our education facilities to receive training on how to implement blockchain solutions to improve and streamline their business. Our group developers will then offer assistance and support in the integration of the technology into their existing systems.

Join our BEEP program
and bring your vision to the global stage!